The Coming of the Shadow War

The Day of Mourning
** Flashback **

Four unlikely allies were thrust together 4 years ago on a day that would be remembered as the darkest in recent memories.

Vara, the inscrutable Changeling Psyonic; Ryoben, the courageous Halfling cleric; Dunhill; the mighty Goliath Warden; and Tona, the mysterious Half-elf Storm Sorcerer.

In a tower on a hill overlooking a battle these four strangers came together as one to rescue two captives, and return them to freedom. Little could they know that while they risked their lives in battle, their very presence on that hill, would spare them. Was it just chance, a happy accident, that brought them all together in that place? Or was it more?

The coming of the Mourning to Cyre was horrific to watch, and all four will bear some scar of having witnessed it. How this will affect each of them, remains to be seen.

For know they are left with many questions and few answers. They have but a single clue, perhaps suggesting that their adventures have only begun…

Four at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar


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